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Second, although the WCTU, as well as the NCW and its constituent provincial councils worked for the expansion of women's representation in various capacities in the public realm, both organizations conflated market and philanthropical participation: in other words, what was at stake was not so much opportunity for equal employment (although the NCW did advocate for increases in wages in some female-dominated occupations), but more the expansion of women's moral and social influence.
The most philanthropical character in Hubert de Sevrac is neither an aristocrat nor a clergyman: he is a peasant named Giovanni who rescues the Abbe Le Blanc from starvation.
director of Warsaw's Philanthropical Theater and her first dramatic
Guillermo was born in Mexico City, the son of an electrical engineer and a mother who worked for philanthropical causes.
While not the easiest of projects, Koven chose the Bellevue Children's and Teen's Playroom because it would benefit the most needy and largest number of sick children and teens on an annual basis, and best reflected the philanthropical spirit engrained in the Ambassador business philosophy developed by Koven's father, Irving Koven, to whom the completed playrooms are dedicated.
Its future weighs heavily on the minds of residents like Robin Costa, who is executive director of a local philanthropical organization called the Maddox Foundation, a charitable trust set up by the late Dan and Margaret Maddox.
Here and there one would find a group of enthusiastic boys gathered around a table learning the game of bridge from some philanthropical American passengers, for they had heard that bridge was one of the most important assets for getting acquainted with the ladies and gentlemen of America.
This positive fee dback between business and either philanthropical or political activity is evident in a number of the other cases as a kind of philanthropist-businessman model, what chaos theory might represent as an 'attractor'.
During the five years of their marriage, Hervey thinks her philanthropical work exercises that individuality, but the poet/editor finds a void in her personality which his attention fills.
I think new welfare experts will emerge at local colleges, universities and philanthropical foundations.
incorporate differing human perspectives, ideas and experiences into our business and philanthropical activities -- our own "picture" -- to ensure that we all benefit from the wealth of talent and energy of a diverse workforce.