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For many, times are hard, and now more than ever we are looking at how we make investments--personally, professionally and philanthropically.
Philanthropically and aesthetically speaking, the Mixed Message exhibition held in Ojai, CA, was a success.
The argument is that the best donor prospect is someone who has always given because the person is philanthropically inclined.
The BOP model is in fact a continuum rather than a single model: Some proponents suggest that companies should be philanthropically oriented as well as profit-minded; others claim that simply doing business with the poor will lead to social and economic development; and yet others seem to conflate both positions without explicitly acknowledging the difference.
Fortunately, a number of recent philanthropically supported initiatives, such as the Lumina Foundation's "Achieve the Dream Initiative" and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation's "Breaking Through: Building Effective Pathways to College Degrees," underscore the potential of community colleges to engender progressive social transformation.
For philanthropically minded parents, a family foundation--a private foundation in which the founder or the founder's family plays a significant governing role--is one solution.
Does it make sense when a disease that affects one out of every three families in the United States is the disease least philanthropically supported of any disease in our country?
The entire nonprofit sector is resilient sector philanthropically.
The women also continue to be as generous philanthropically as they can afford to be, Thurmond said.
Beyond that, Anne Owens had consistently, albeit politely, declined every plea by Beth for the company to contribute philanthropically to the symphony.
Smith also is philanthropically inclined and is willing to make a meaningful charitable bequest if she is convinced the aftertax cost is low and that a donation will not otherwise disturb her estate plan.