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You were to go to the offices of the Haven of Philanthropy, and put your name down as a Member and a Professing Philanthropist.
The philanthropist deranged the symmetry of the table, sat himself in the way of the waiting, blocked up the thoroughfare, and drove Mr.
We have,"' the old lady read on with a little extra emphasis, '"a meeting of our Convened Chief Composite Committee of Central and District Philanthropists, at our Head Haven as above; and it is their unanimous pleasure that I take the chair.
It is a most extraordinary thing,' interposed the gentle Minor Canon, laying down his knife and fork to rub his ear in a vexed manner, 'that these Philanthropists are always denouncing somebody.
And it is another most extraordinary thing,' remarked the Minor Canon in the same tone as before, 'that these philanthropists are so given to seizing their fellow-creatures by the scruff of the neck, and (as one may say) bumping them into the paths of peace.
Honeythunder walked in the middle of the road, shouldering the natives out of his way, and loudly developing a scheme he had, for making a raid on all the unemployed persons in the United Kingdom, laying them every one by the heels in jail, and forcing them, on pain of prompt extermination, to become philanthropists.
You know how your brother philanthropists and capitalists of Colorado worked it.
After property had had its say--a saying that is necessarily ungracious--the various philanthropists stepped forward.
Philanthropists of both sexes had asked who he was, and on being informed, 'Old Christopher Casby, formerly Town-agent to Lord Decimus Tite Barnacle,' had cried in a rapture of disappointment,
This year the Nexus program features celebrated leaders of all generations including Alexander Soros, philanthropist; Ruma Bose, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, and author; Ray Chambers, philanthropist, humanitarian, and United Nations Special Envoy for Financing the Health Millennium Development Goals and For Malaria; and Hamdi Ulukaya, philanthropist and CEO of Chobani.
RAWALPINDI -- As many as 800 poor and deserving are served "Sehri" at Madni Dastarkhwan established at Refreshment Center here free of charge with the cooperation of Haji Mumtaz, a philanthropist.
Bio: Tie-loathing adventurer, philanthropist & adventurer, philanthropist & troublemaker, who believes troublemaker, who believes in turning ideas into reality.