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If you were looking for a groveling philippic along the lines of "Jeep has amped up the manly appeal; it gets a more macho-looking Jeep seven-slat grille, replacing the more rounded, friendly-looking grille that ironically has been applied to the iconic, Wrangler" (TheCarConnection.
When McCarthy unleashed a furious 60,000-word philippic against Gen.
All this, however, is only negative--a philippic on why the 'distinctive character' test should not be accepted.
Quite effectively this provides the title of a sustained philippic against Tony Blair by Geoffrey Wheatcroft, a serious journalist with a strong sense of history.
In the Philippic against Panormita, Rho deployed the standard strategies of invective assault: ridicule of homeland and family origins, slanderous attribution of sexualities then considered deviant, criticism of both learning and literary style (oratio inepta), and feigned horror at the "obscenities" of the author being attacked.
Smith's philippic against the would-be apostles of French solidarity will be music to the ears of all those who hold it as an article of faith that the French invoke principle only in order to advance their national--or personal--self-interest, that social provision in France is little more than a recipe for economic decline, and that long vacations afford proof positive of national debility.
His speech was brilliant, capricious, rambling, savage, predictable, astonishing, a sustained philippic against United States foreign policy since 1945.
Howard Hale misses a key fact in his philippic about intelligent design as religious recruitment.
To which eloquent philippic I would add only this neo-Toquevillian observation: if any people can square the circle, and can solve this problem, the American people can.
By way of contrition, David shifted his philippic to an eloquent, stirring coda, suggesting that instead of blaming others, one should take a more stoical outlook.
I WOULD like to contact old boyhood friends from 50 years ago,Freddieand Carolyn Philippic,formerly ofSpeke Road Gardens,Garston.