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The notched scapulae, specialists opine, originally constituted a Philistine cultic object but when found in a multifunctional space such as Building 23033 served "in some sort of everyday activity, such as industrial production, or domestic cult activities," specifically as part of a loom or for tally-keeping, perhaps in a cultic context (pp.
Over the centuries, the Philistine identity gradually eroded, and by the 9th century BCE, the Philistines had completely assimilated, so that it became impossible "to separate them from other people in the other parts of the country," says Finkelstein.
Its first nine years have been studded with tremendous successes and passing through its doors can thrill the most Philistine of hearts.
He said that Philistine Authority president Mehmood Abbas would visit Pakistan on February 16 on two-day official visit.
Shamgar takes a stand with Jehovah's blessing and hews a mighty swathe in the Philistine army with his long ox goad as a weapon.
IF A MANN, ("Clock is ticking for so-called works of art", Letters, Daily Post, September 23) doesn't want to be thought of as a Philistine, he or she is going the wrong way about it.
Low argues that modernist readings which "repudiate the violent ending of SA" are on their own since there is "no evidence that Milton or his contemporaries saw the destruction of the Philistine temple as anything but admirable and heroic" (2002, 287).
Not a Hebrew kethoneth or a beguiling, barefoot Philistine maiden in sight.
Ricky Gervais drops in for a few deft scenes as the philistine exec, and Willard and Jane Lynch give the only other reliably funny performances.
The style and organization of Gordon's book is exemplary because it is astute without being academic, popular without being insipid, and practical without being Philistine.
David is soon to load his taut sling with the rock that will fell the Philistine foe.