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In recent years, fresh excavation data has been published from the primary Philistine sites in the southern coastal plain (e.g., Meehl, Dothan, and Gitin 2006; Stager.
Furthermore, Maeir said, the summer's excavations have uncovered further evidence of the destruction of the city by Hazael, King of Aram Damascus, around 830 BCE, as mentioned in Kings II 12:18, as well as evidence of the first Philistine settlement in Canaan (around 1200 BCE).
The revelation follows warnings from a leading left-wing academic that Labour's "Philistine" view of the countryside was "extremely dangerous" for the country and the Government.
In 135AD,more than 100 years after the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus,or Yeshua, to give him his Hebrew name, theRoman Emperor Hadrian (he of the wall fame) changed the name of the land of Israel, toSyrio Palestina - ``land of the Philistine,''a name deliber-ately given to insult the Jewish nation as the Philistines were Israel's ancient enemy.
David's first word is hardly that momentous: "What shall be done for the person who kills this Philistine [Goliath], and takes away the reproach from Israel?
To assert that the current dearth of organists is a good thing and to label the organ as the most depressing instrument on the planet is the hysterical scribbling of a philistine!
Our Culture Minister dismissed the entries as ``conceptual bulls**t''.I bet everyone slagged him off as a Philistine for that.
The apparent collusion of English Heritage with the philistine Warwick council, if true, is a disgrace.
Worst of all, the play spends an inordinate amount of time making the kind of philistine pronouncements about abstract and conceptual art that people who know nothing about art always make.
A formidable feature of the Philistine army was a giant, a nearly 10-foot-tall Goliath, who challenged anyone to a single combat.
In a 3-tweet thread, Benjamin Netanyahu went to indicate facts about the origins of ancient Philistine and Palestinians citing a DNA recovery from one of the ancient Philistine sites confirming that the origin of Philistine's people is from southern Europe.
An international team, led by scientists from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History and the Leon Levy Expedition, retrieved and analyzed, for the first time, genome-wide data from people who lived during the Bronze and Iron Age (~3,600-2,800 years ago) in the ancient port city of Ashkelon, one of the core Philistine cities during the Iron Age.