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Barako, "The Philistine Settlement as Mercantile Phenomenon?
The notched scapulae, specialists opine, originally constituted a Philistine cultic object but when found in a multifunctional space such as Building 23033 served "in some sort of everyday activity, such as industrial production, or domestic cult activities," specifically as part of a loom or for tally-keeping, perhaps in a cultic context (pp.
The irony of paying tax to this Philistine council hit me hard.
The term I used was maverick; this particular decision typifies the current trend to side with the Philistine aspirations of developers who offer nought but vandalism and shameless greed.
He has praised YBA's nonelitist appeal and has tried to account for it by positively recuperating the term "philistine" (which he later qualifies as an abstract position, rather than an inherent quality): "The philistine is the revenge of the proletarian non-specialist spectator on postmodernism's abstractly bodied theorist of pleasure.
SORRY to be an artistic philistine, but the sculpture feature in the ECHO (Sculpturelights up city square,May 15),looks like something from a children's playground.
Arguing against those bloodthirsty critics who celebrate God's victory in Samson's slaughter even of Philistine innocents (though overtly respectful, one cannot help but hear the disdain in his recollection that "Mary Ann Radzinowicz heard the mercy of heaven in the 'hideous noise' .
It looks like the kitchen after the kids have been in," said one critic who was promptly branded a philistine.
In ancient times before there was a World Wrestling Federation (WWF), there was a mean and nasty giant in the Philistine city of Gath.
In biblical times Ashkelon was one of the five most important Philistine cities.
The fact remains that New York City, despite all its philistine boosterism and declining finances, continues to be the nation's dance capital.