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He defined it as a person "whose interests are of a material and commonplace nature" and added another dimension: "Philistinism implies not only a collection of stock ideas but also the use of set phrases, cliches, banalities expressed in faded words," he wrote in his essay, "Philistines and Philistinism.
Alex Clark, literary editor of The Observer newspaper, accused the judging panel of "self-congratulatory philistinism.
Not that I had one myself, but I hate the Philistinism of the "why study dead languages" school, like the cretins who can't see the greatness of Latin and ancient Greece.
The A Foundation, a groundbreaking cultural institution with a gallery making use of space in the old warehouses at Greenland Street, Liverpool, is the latest organisation to fall foul of austerity-induced philistinism.
To suggest that it is to make light of the immense amount of excellent, meticulous scholarship produced by several generations of nineteenth-century academic theatre specialists and to relegate this area of theatre history back into the clutches of the sort of anti-academic philistinism which is unfortunately still prevalent (certainly in the British Isles) in some quarters that should know better.
It is unthinkable for a bhadralok to stoop to such Philistinism -- ordering a vegetarian dish after the king of fish -- but I couldn't resist it.
This period, according to Frckovski, is part of the anti-intellectualism of populists who want turn professors into ordinary officials and turn the education into philistinism.
was used "to lacerate him for his alleged philistinism.
If too much deference to great artists is the mark of a society that has never quite escaped from its aristocratic roots, too little regard for them is a sign of narrow philistinism.
The complaint of David Sedaris, dark ironist and twisted celebrant of American culture, testifies to the exceptional tenacity of the image of the American resident in Paris as a cultural refugee, one whose exile is a repudiation of provincialism, philistinism, or whatever else is held to be wrong with American life.
Philistinism is the important word, suggesting a moral criticism of Matthew Arnold, one that both shaped her and caused her to react.
Preece states that Veza's attitude toward Elias alias Knut Tell changed from tease and satire in Yellow Street to admiration in The Tiger, where he is "the upholder of artistic integrity in the face of commercial philistinism and worse" (p.