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The philosopher had other weaknesses - but they are scarcely worthy our serious examination.
There would however be a radical error in attributing this instantaneous transition of feeling in the philosopher, to any one of those causes which might naturally be supposed to have had an influence.
Why sir," said the philosopher, "why sir, to speak sincerely - I I imagine - I have some faint - some very faint idea - of the remarkable honor-"
Modern philosophy says that all things in nature are dependent on one another; the ancient philosopher had the same truth latent in his mind when he affirmed that out of one thing all the rest may be recovered.
Anytus is the type of the narrow-minded man of the world, who is indignant at innovation, and equally detests the popular teacher and the true philosopher.
In the Gorgias too the statesmen reappear, but in stronger opposition to the philosopher.
In the interest of meeting the other guests, and what of my unfavorable impression, I forgot all about the working-class philosopher, though once or twice at table I noticed him-- especially the twinkle in his eye as he listened to the talk first of one minister and then of another.
Battle royal raged, and the ministers grew red-faced and excited, especially at the moments when Ernest called them romantic philosophers, shadow-projectors, and similar things.
His favorite poets were Horace and Pope; his chosen philosophers, Hobbes and Voltaire.
Yes, but I am afraid there will rise up, by the side of us, a sect like that of Epictetus, you know him well; the philosopher of Hieropolis, he who called bread luxury, vegetables prodigality, and clear water drunkenness; he who, being beaten by his master, said to him, grumbling a little it is true, but without being angry, `I will lay a wager you have broken my leg
Everybody laughed as he did, and the two philosophers were saluted with unanimous felicitations.
As long as he followed the fixed definition of obscure words such as SPIRIT, WILL, FREEDOM, ESSENCE, purposely letting himself go into the snare of words the philosophers set for him, he seemed to comprehend something.