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Then you will soon observe whether a man is just and gentle, or rude and unsociable; these are the signs which distinguish even in youth the philosophical nature from the unphilosophical.
Melville's absorption in philosophical studies was quite as responsible as the failure of his later books for his cessation from literary productiveness.
Undoubtedly," it will be said, "religious, moral, philosophical and juridical ideas have been modified in the course of historical development.
It is philosophical, doubtless, and a duty to the intellect to recognize our doubts, [68] to locate them, perhaps to give them practical effect.
The existence of the virtues without the possession of knowledge in the higher or philosophical sense is admitted to be possible.
If I wanted any further proof of the strictly philosophical nature of the conduct of these young gentlemen in their very delicate predicament, I should at once find it in the fact (also recorded in a foregoing part of this narrative), of their quitting the pursuit, when the general attention was fixed upon Oliver; and making immediately for their home by the shortest possible cut.
I chiefly wanted to know, to what cause, in art or in nature, it owed its several motions, whereof I will now give a philosophical account to the reader.
But a nation of philosophers is as little to be expected as the philosophical race of kings wished for by Plato.
And belief is defined as any religious or philosophical belief.
ISLAMABAD -- World Philosophy Day will be observed across the globe including Pakistan on Thursday to honor philosophical reflections around the world.
This book identifies and explores the most significant philosophical issues that emerge from the aesthetic dimensions of Black life, providing a long-overdue synthesis and the first extended philosophical treatment of this crucial subject which organize Black aesthetics as an object of philosophical study to unite two areas of scholarship for the first time philosophical aesthetics and Black cultural theory, dissolving the dilemma of either studying philosophy, or studying Black expressive culture.
Scholars of philosophy discuss the Socratic method of philosophical inquiry from the perspectives of philosophical counseling, philosophy for children, philosophical walks, Socratic dialogue methods, Philo cafes, and contemplative philosophical practices.