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Nevertheless, Benzoni presents a strong case that supports his overall claim that the account of the human soul upon which Aquinas' moral bifurcation rests is highly problematic, and that at a systematic level it may indeed be philosophically untenable.
Even though the union helped craft the mayor's legislation Assembly Bill 1381 to assume partial control of the LAUSD and agrees philosophically on proposed reform efforts, including smaller classes and streamlining the bureaucracy, they are backing candidates different from the mayor's in the two key races.
In other words, eschewing the usual, and to Inwood, dubious, characterization of Seneca's work as a project of philosophically harmonizing Platonism, Aristotelianism, and Epicureanism, Inwood insists that Seneca was, in spite of his political, literary, and other professional activities, a philosopher--"first and foremost a Stoic philosopher" (p.
For those companies in which upper management supports these initiatives--both philosophically and through implementation--there have been a number of notable achievements and success stories.
To begin to solve the problems of religion and public life that currently vex the West, theologians across multiple religious traditions will need to show that a connection between theological orthodoxy and political liberalism can be philosophically defended.
The Winnipeg Statement is theologically and philosophically indefensible.
Indeed, we were pretty different on the surface--a young gay white man and an elderly African-American woman--but we were on the same wavelength creatively and philosophically.
But however philosophically Rist's carrot-topped protagonist may view the twist of fate that led her out of Eden, the trip might easily sweep viewers off their feet.
An index to scripture references and an index of authors and subjects round out this erudite, philosophically deep compendium.
But Souness takes it all philosophically saying: "That's the price on the ticket.
It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience,' says Louis philosophically.
He also sketches the legacy of William Rehnquist as chief justice, declares that Antonin Scalia "isn't as smart as he thinks he is," and argues that the often dismissed Clarence Thomas is philosophically the most interesting sitting justice.