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These two philosophers, so different in time and place, do share at least this in common: for both, the duty to philosophize (to "do" philosophy and/or to study it) is a religious obligation, an obligation grounded, at least in part, by a divine pronouncement, oracular or scriptural.
To philosophize historically is to watch a philosophy in action over time.
He's not able to philosophize on the meaning of life.
Quentin Tarantino and philosophy; how to philosophize with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch.
She took the occasion of her (latest) Lifetime Achievement Award to philosophize about her career.
If Plato's intent in his political discussions, paradigmatically in the Republic, is to show how a city's dogmatism can be limited so that philosophers can philosophize while still living in that city, and if Plato-like philosophers do that by speaking to and being spoken to by each other (dialogesthai), then it would seem that we need to know what philosophers can speak to each other about those divine beings who absolutely transcend the humanly founded city, even the very best such city yet to be.
Limousines bring them from their hotel, they eat en masse at the vast banquet table and retire to the tea garden at the day's end to relax and philosophize on what they've learned.
Thus experiential perspectivism provides an optimal situation by respecting the fact that we cannot philosophize for one another, and yet it allows for the emergence of doctrines based on certain principles.
Cherry, unwilling to philosophize on the zeitgeist, declined to comment for this story.
Edmonds' Malachi makes good use of Wilder's gimmick of having his characters occasionally philosophize directly to the audience.