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Specifically, it would, as a genre, be the name we give to the form in which the one who learns to philosophize comes to reflect regularly and deeply upon his life while giving shape to it through such reflections.
To state it differently, the figure that wants to philosophize, i.
These two philosophers, so different in time and place, do share at least this in common: for both, the duty to philosophize (to "do" philosophy and/or to study it) is a religious obligation, an obligation grounded, at least in part, by a divine pronouncement, oracular or scriptural.
To philosophize means to rigorously pursue wisdom, not to spin frivolous theories.
He's not able to philosophize on the meaning of life.
Thus experiential perspectivism provides an optimal situation by respecting the fact that we cannot philosophize for one another, and yet it allows for the emergence of doctrines based on certain principles.