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A human being philosophizes because he or she is an exister and therefore a discloser of possible experiences (p.
In a scene in which Ike philosophizes about losing one's humanity, Selleck's chiseled, virtually impassive face betrays no suggestion that humanity is anything more than a theoretical construct.
George, weighing his options between venturing out into the big wide world for new adventures and remaining in town with Emily, philosophizes, ``New people probably aren't any better than old ones.
Lizzie philosophizes that the trip represents her ``chance to start over'' - start what over?
When he addresses the failed Bay of Pigs fiasco with an angry, ``How could I have been so stupid,'' reflects on his humiliation by Khruschev at the 1961 Vienna summit meeting or casually philosophizes on the Kennedy history of womanizing, Shannon's JFK is merely providing information without illumination.
Our sole purpose in life,'' he philosophizes, ``is to make money.