philosophy of law

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And it is in this sense that most accounts of the nature of jurisprudence in the literature assume an iota of interchange between jurisprudence, legal theory, legal philosophy or the philosophy of law and what is assumed in all these interchangeable terms is the raising of fundamental questions with respect to the study of law.
A Natural Law Approach to Normativity presents an original perspective on natural law theory and will be of interest to academics in philosophy of law, moral/political philosophy, natural law theorists, and students of jurisprudence internationally.
He is particularly good on the philosophy of law and on how the West's break with the past since the Age of the Enlightenment has undermined the rational basis of any law.
This book is part of a series of books on topics of philosophical interest by Automatic Press, which has now published books on normative ethics, formal philosophy, philosophy of law, game theory and other subjects.
authored this text for undergraduate students in response to the need for introductory-level materials on the philosophy of law or jurisprudence for students of varying abilities and disciplinary backgrounds who may or may not be familiar with philosophical and/or legal problems, thus necessitating a balance between contemporary issues and cases with an examination of broader philosophical problems and a careful selection of primary materials.
It could also provide an epistemological foundation for a course in the philosophy of law or pragmatism.
Alternative methods in the education of philosophy of law and the importance of legal philosophy in the legal education; proceedings.
The subject of the public contract is a one-time delivery of hardware - hereafter called hardware units Gdansk University by part Part I - supply laptop - 1 for the Department of Art Theory and Philosophy of Law,Part II - supply laptop - 1 piece for the Faculty of Law and Administration,Part III - the supply of portable computers (tablets) - 4 pieces for the Institute of Psychology.
The contributions in this volume address this question from the perspective of a wide range of disciplines, including political philosophy, African history, gender studies, philosophy of law and cultural studies.
Professor Otto Depenheuer: "Constitution", Professor of constitutional law, public law and philosophy of law at the University of Cologne
Then she's fearless in the classroom as she drills a no-holds-barred philosophy of law into her students -- and she selects a group of her top students to work at her law firm, where they fall under her spell as they help tackle her toughest cases.
There is also the matter of the destruction of virtually the entire Iraqi infrastructure mostly by the US, and the destruction of the Iraqi civilisation and culture," J Angelo Corlett, a professor of Philosophy of Law at San Diego State University, California, and who has made an in-depth study of the subject, charges, as well as the clean-up costs of US weapons littering the Iraqi landscape.

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