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Allworthy was naturally a man of spirit, and his present gravity arose from true wisdom and philosophy, not from any original phlegm in his disposition; for he had possessed much fire in his youth, and had married a beautiful woman for love.
One or two will do,' says this man of phlegm and money.
The phlegm with which the squatter learned his loss, has already been seen, and it now remains to exhibit the results of his more matured determinations.
Huge blobs of phlegm would drop down in your throat," she says.
The American Journal of Public Health adds that cigar smokers are more likely than nonsmokers to suffer from persistent coughs and phlegm buildups, and have a greater likelihood of contracting peptic ulcers.
I felt her tears and phlegm drip onto my wrist; I tasted her hair in my mouth but resisted the urge to move my hand and scratch the itch of it above my lip for fear that, if I moved, she would collapse altogether, and I with her.
Doctors can often get important clues about an infection by the color or the smell of the phlegm.
An adequate cough is one where the child can cough up phlegm (lower respiratory secretions) when the phlegm is blocking some of the lower airway passages.
The physical therapy treatments consist of a series of poundings on the chest and back to loosen the phlegm (Dallas Cystic Fibrosis Care Center, 1983).
In addition, the study finds that children who grow up in smoking households stand a greater chance of developing a host of lower respiratory symptoms, including shortness of breath, persistent wheeze, chronic cough and phlegm, and bronchitis.
Chronic cough, losing weight, you smoke or you''re an ex-smoker and when you cough your phlegm is blood streaked.