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Much Peckinpahish male bonding is proffered, with the women phlegmatically accepting their status as spoils of war.
The story gives only the scantest attention to the "turnaround firm" proposal (53 words out of 440 written), while the headline, too, plays down the development, phlegmatically informing us: "New School Board Acts Promptly.
Stuart responds phlegmatically that the Confederates are simply "` [s]howing them that we can, Captain Howard
He once said, phlegmatically or truculently, "I don't write love poems.
It will be argued that both theories perform phlegmatically.
Last week, we made it a point to watch Disney's new animated feature, 'Moana,' in support of its continuing efforts to present young viewers with female lead characters who are strong and proactive, instead of the traditional prettily, prissily and phlegmatically 'princess' types of yore.
Famous fans like Matt Groening and Ad-Rock pay homage, and at the centre of the film is station manager Ken Freedman, phlegmatically battling with the recession, the regulators and his leaky building.
Having won three times under Patrick Sogorb, owner Simon Springer has called on Frankie Dettori for the big day, a development which Sogorb described phlegmatically this week as "no big drama".
I train everyday and play two or three league games a week," she continued phlegmatically.
The foreshortened Saul, his inappropriate turban unrolling on the ground, lies phlegmatically on his back in a fanciful tunic and buskins, shading his eyes from the miraculous light, with a swirl of horses (the only animals that Cuyp drew badly) around him.