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These include wet, phlegmy vocal quality, lack of speech, depressed alertness level, drooling, difficulty controlling secretions, and absence of gag reflex.
Cough Clues: A phlegmy or wheezy cough that's often accompanied by fast, shallow, or difficult breathing.
The first disc contains the proper songs though, a phlegmy collection of rockers that have a lot going for them.
In any work place at this time of year staffing levels are lower than at the height of the football World Cup as phlegmy legions of employees are kept home by the flu.
that, as a youngster, he once ran out the front door screaming, "I want to burn everything in this house that's Jewish," so ashamed was he at hearing in the house "the phlegmy East European accents.
Adopting a throaty, phlegmy accent that you'd associate with any genuine gringo in a spaghetti western, he threw his head back and roared: "Me- he-co
Additionally, though relatively few people reported cough or treatment for cough during our study, in fact one awakes every morning to the sounds of terrible coughing fits by adults, and many of the children with whom the research team interacted exhibited deep, phlegmy coughs.
Her master took his pleasure with her anytime it struck his fancy and when a child arrived thick with mucous it reminded her of her master's phlegmy cough.
Supporters of the other three tried, but couldn't manage more than a phlegmy wheeze.
His ultimate failure is therefore not due to a phlegmy attitude toward the business at hand, but his pertinancy, shrewdness, and vigor should be attributed not only to his desire to free an innocent man but also to his voyeuristic fascination with the underworld, the living world, that Goodwin and his people represent.
and drooping like a basset hound's of his phlegmy voice and his ex-high school gymnast's chest that had rock slid to his belly