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Phobic microbes will continue to ferment and unleash poisonous red and crimson tides years after the spill is arrested, whenever that occurs.
We all know that the phobic response is described as an irrational, persistent fear of an object, a particular situation, or a type of circumstance.
The highest number of arrhythmias occurred among those with the highest levels of phobic anxiety based on the Crown-Crisp index, which rates eight types of phobias, including fear of heights, crowds, and closed spaces.
The web site is free to the public, and offers helpful advice for the underserved dental population made up of highly phobic, disabled and special needs patients.
The tragedy of our age is that the lawyer-ridden Western world is 100 times more phobic and more paranoid than the generation that flew to the moon" - Mayor of London Boris Johnson.
I continue to prefer the approach I used with the stage fright patients: a combination of relaxation, desensitization, and reciprocal inhibition to alter the individual's reticence about social situations that are sufficiently debilitating that they fit a definition of a phobic response.
But there were some considered racist, homo phobic or very offensive.
At the same time the number of homo phobic incidents reported to police increased to 53, compared to 36 in the same period last year.
Pedro (Jose Luis Garcia-Perez), a commitment phobic gay dentist, unexpectedly ends up as guardian of his 9-year-old nephew, Bernardo (David Castillo).
SAN FRANCISCO -- Women with high scores on a phobic anxiety scale were significantly more likely to die of coronary heart disease and sudden cardiac death than were those with low anxiety scores, Dr.
Phobic says: `You must be joking - I'll look like Aunt Sally'