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We wish to maintain the highest standards of the majority of officers and police staff in this organisation and we are working in partnership with Merseyside Police to root out discriminatory behaviour whether that be of a racist, sexist or homo phobic nature.
Two of the patients' phobic responses had a direct relationship to the world of action.
Social phobics fear scrutiny or evaluation by others, they explain, and feel more comfortable if they can be alone.
Intrapsychic and dynamic issues at times enter into the phobic response and treatment strategy, but in my experience, these issues are not the paramount problems for those phobic patients who seek help for their specific problem.
In a show designed to pick people who will antagonise each other,Ahmed entered the house and immediately declared he was homo phobic -despite there being several gay men among the contestants.
But the phobic self-image released like a toxic cloud over the proposed AIDS treatment site is so far removed from these values that one is left wondering whether there is anything, in the social practice of modern communitarianism, that distinguishes SoHo today from Simi Valley.
However, some patients with phobic responses may need to gain symbolic insights beyond learned behaviors, possibly requiring long-term psychotherapeutic care.
All were free of cardiovascular disease at baseline, and all answered at least six of eight questions on the Crown-Crisp Index of phobic anxiety.
There's also theShoutline number - 0800 328 2244-for you to report any hate crime or homo phobic incidents in strictest confidence.
To complicate matters even further, individuals with a specific disorder, such as generalized anxiety disorder, will often develop another disorder that falls under the same category, such as a phobic disorder.
They afflict 5%-10% of the population, and at one time or another, as many as 25 percent of the population suffer from a phobic disorder, some researchers say.
So rather than simply defend, I challenged him whenever he said something phobic or ignorant.