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1) "Usually, a child has an initial traumatic experience of being forcibly held down by medical personnel and poked with needles without any effort on the part of medical personnel to relieve their pain or anxiety," says Jerry Emanuelson, science writer, Futurescience LLC, Colorado Springs, CO, who is also a self-proclaimed needle phobic with an informative website: "The Needle Phobia Page" (www.
Hippopotomonstrosequippedaliophobia can leave sufferers with all manner of unpleasant, phobic symptoms such as shortness of breath, rapid breathing irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea and overall feelings of dread.
The fear experienced by a phobic and a non-phobic is exactly the same when our well-being is threatened, but the only difference between appropriate fear and a phobia is what switches the fear response on.
3, 4, 6] In these surveys, social phobics were noted to have rarely received mental health care interventions for their disorder.
On the other hand, Mary could be one of those students who have an irrational anxiety about attending school to the extent that they can be classified as being school phobic.
uk) can help as well as the National Phobics Society (www.
This is why I support the Nation al Phobics Society to try and get as much publicity as possible to help knock down the barriers still associated with stress and mental illness.
Also, you'll find out if he's able to make even a small commitment or if he's a total phobic about getting close.
The avoidance of eye contact we measured in social phobics is very telling about their feelings of self," said Ms.
Social phobics fear scrutiny or evaluation by others, they explain, and feel more comfortable if they can be alone.
Have a word with your GP and also log on to the phobics website www.
ATLANTA -- The Social Thoughts and Beliefs Scale, a new tool for assessing cognitions in social phobia, correctly classifies 85% of social phobics, Nancy Heiser reported at the annual conference of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America.