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Type of semiocclusion Examples Sustained semiocclusion (a) singing vowels into a straw or tube (b) sustained phonation of voiced fricative consonants, such as /v/, /z/, /[??]/, /[eth]/ (c) sustained phonation of nasal consonants, such as /m/, /n/, /[??]/, or the Coffin "Standing Wave" exercise (phonating a vowel with one's hand completely over the mouth) Oscillatory semiocclusion (d) lip buzz (e) raspberry (f) rolled /r/ (g) phonating into a straw that is partially immersed under water Transitory semiocclusion (h) semi-vowels /j/ and /w/ or occlusion (i) voiced plosive consonants /b/, /g/, /d/
Make a grunting noise by phonating without releasing air through the mouth or nose.
Sulcus vocalis is diagnosed by visualizing a groove running along the free edge of the vocal fold while the patient is breathing or phonating. Other clinical signs indicative of sulcus include vocal fold bowing resulting in a spindle shaped glottis during phonation and leakage of air from the anterior two-thirds of the vocal folds.
(7) Mirror laryngoscopy is performed with the physician holding the tongue with one hand and an angled mirror placed in the back of the throat while phonating.
The only way the air column can be released with the tongue in this position is by releasing the soft palate from the pharynx, thereby phonating an [n].
Voice researchers have begun to think of the demands placed on the voice in terms of several measurements of "vocal dose" over any particular time interval, which can include accumulated phonation time as the vocal folds stop and start vibration during singing and speaking tasks and the percentage of time spent phonating over a particular clock time interval.