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He talked and talked, and from every word arose a strong smell of phoniness.
Masks that purport to convey professionalism only communicate phoniness.
He decides he wants to escape to a cabin out West, but scorns questions about his future as just so much phoniness.
Phoniness may have been difficult for Seymour to tolerate, but he managed to cope with it earlier and he was kind and helpful to other people, as his religion dictated to him, and, most importantly, he seemed to appreciate life.
It's "business as usual" but now hidden behind several new slick veneers of phoniness and window-dressing and buttressed by the sneers of self-interested and dogmatic economic liberals who are nothing less than eunuchs when asked to come up with real ideas to solve modern problems.
Funniness gives way to phoniness in the following chapter, "Ralph Ellison's Blues.
Of course, this has often led commentators, both at the time and afterward, to decry the phoniness of Scott's spectacle of a Stuart-plaided Hanoverian king being feted by loyal Lowlanders dressed up as Jacobites and Highlanders.
For now she'll likely be remembered for getting the demons off her back at Wimbledon, for handling her first major victory in Australia with equanimity, and for defying any layer of phoniness almost from the outset of her career.
The result was ridicule from his opponents and charges of phoniness from the chattering class.
One of the case illustrations Spinelli uses throughout the book is of his work with a young man who is particularly concerned with the phoniness of the world around him (and later within him).
13), I was actually relieved to realize that others had expressed a concern that has followed me over the years, described as an "internal experience of intellectual phoniness.