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'' '' Perceived phoniness would undermine confidence
The race for the 62nd senate district has sex, rumors of political corruption and abject phoniness ...
"And make it genuine--our radar for phoniness is just too good." Here, too, talking to employees away from the office is helpful.
But dozens of previous Hollywood movies make us brace for the moment where the movie shifts from reality to fantasy, from honesty to phoniness.
"Three-quarters of what happened in Juneau went against my grain--the backstabbing, the phoniness, and not being forward and honest, it just ate at me."
Imposterism is an emerging area of study in organizational research that refers to, "an internal experience of intellectual phoniness in high achievers who are unable to internalize their successful experiences" (Bernard, Dollinger, & Ramaniah, 2002, p.
(It should be noted that of the forty-three poems in what is now the third collection of Norwid in translation, twenty-five also appear in Adam Czerniawski's 2004 Selected Poems of Cyprian Norwid.) Whether mocking the phoniness of polite society or brooding on exile, Norwids poems are perhaps less visionary than the means of conjuring elusive visions in the reader.
Playing a thoroughly unpleasant character, Garner, who also co-produced, somewhat overdoes Laura's initial phoniness and her overriding shrillness.
It was like he could see through my costume and cut right through the customary phoniness of male friendship.
"For me it was the phoniness in her voice that English ears just don't like.
Who needs a second helping of this sugary phoniness? NOW HAVE YOUR SAY Do you agree with Dan?