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The Bush administration's treatment of North Korea exemplifies the utter phoniness of the "war on terrorism.
Whether he believes it or not, a hint of phoniness would destroy the image that he has so cleverly built up.
I confess to a certain amount of Schadenfreude when McCain's line in phoniness and cant about the "special interests" (as if all interests were not special) or "tax cuts that disproportionately benefit the wealthy" (who should benefit most but those who pay most?
TRASH TV, with all its phoniness, fakery and staged confrontations, isn't restricted to the daytime schedules.
The actors tell Homer they like to holiday in Springfield to avoid the phoniness of Hollywood.
Dye, 53, who worked as a consultant on Oliver Stone's Vietnam movie Platoon, wanted to erase any trace of Hollywood phoniness from the movie.
Though Enid and Rebecca are hip to what they see as the phoniness around them, they have found nothing in their lives to replace it.
For that, the image-obsessed Blair administration has only itself to blame - and for the phoniness of "Cool Britannia", the hip-hop happening place.
That rarity was accomplished only because of an extraordinarily phony testing program--or rather, because writer Gregg Easterbrook exposed that phoniness in several justly celebrated articles.
Unlike utterly bogus Europuddings such as ``Chocolat,'' there's something genuinely French about this film's phoniness.
I say vote host (and soon-to-be-former journalist) Julie Chen, she of the insanely fluttering hands, and ``reporter'' Ian O'Malley, whose transparent phoniness should automatically strip the show of its ``reality'' moniker, off the series first, and tout de suite.
No, she was as smart as a whip, and could see through all the phoniness of Hollywood, and all the casting couch directors who promised to make her a star.