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Meanwhile, the phony Republican leadership was willing to sell Judge Moore out.
Furthermore, Pacquaio's phony religiosity and his loud denunciation of gay people should have shown his true colors to the general mass of Filipinos.
Some slow your computer's performance and trigger phony security alerts, followed by pop-up offers to sell you fake antivirus protection--what Is known as scareware.
forged bank documents on behalf of more than five phony clients to process loans and release the money in the form of cheques between 2010 and 2011.
The Phony Fisherman provides its users with a clear alert every time there is a potential bite on their fishing line.
So the chief executive forced his brother-in-law to fool the mother-in-law into investing in this phony project - promising the old woman that her money would be safe and would be doubled in a year.
Lately, a number of phony blogs have appeared bearing the name of Head of Presidency Divan Naseer al-Ani that has no relation with him or his ideas," the statement released by the presidency, as was received by Aswat al-Iraq, clairified.
According to the Los Angeles County prosecutors, Yupent "David" Deng led the phony unit as their "supreme commander" and charged the recruits initiation fees as high as $450 dollars and $125 annual renewal fees.
SIPC says the phony organization dubs itself the "international Securities Investor Protection Corporation (I-SIPC.
It discovers a phony five dollar, ten dollar, twenty dollar, fifty dollar, and even a hundred dollar bill.
A Brooklyn man was charged today with filing phony property records that gave him the title to a Harlem brownstone two years after the owner of the building died, authorities said.
not real or genuine <a phony dollar bill> <The principal's laugh sounded phony.