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Key classes of mechanism of action include endothelin receptor antagonists, platelet aggregation inhibitors, phosphodiesterase inhibitors, serotonin pathway antagonists, angiotensin receptor antagonists, P2Y 12 receptor inhibitors, PDE5 inhibitors, prostacyclin (PGI2) agonists, nitric oxide synthetase inhibitors.
Augmentation of the vasodilatory effects of isosorbide dinitrate by phosphodiesterase inhibitors (e.
Topics of these 19 papers include the physiology and pharmacology of ED and its epidemiology, the pharmacology of phosphodiesterase inhibitors, a five-year review of sildenafil citrate, clinical trials of tadalafil and vardenafil, ED assessment and management in primary practice, special cases such as cardiac or diabetic patients and those with depression, therapies other than oral pharmacology, androgen deficiency, central activation of erection and clinical experience, vacuum devices and implants, prevention of ED, strategies in the management of rapid ejaculation, dysfunction after radical prostatectomy, and the possibilities of oral medications in treating female sexual dysfunction.
6,403,597, entitled "Administration of Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors for the Treatment of Premature Ejaculation," and Patent No.
4 Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors as a Novel Therapeutic Approach for Schizophrenia
In June, VIVUS was awarded its fourth patent in the field of premature ejaculation entitled, "Administration of Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors for the Treatment of Premature Ejaculation.
Second generation phosphodiesterase inhibitors are in the midst of clinical trials in the United States.
The potential roles of cytokines, IL-5 and IL-8, and plasma cortisol in the anti-inflammatory actions of phosphodiesterase inhibitors in sensitized guinea-pig airways.

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