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The effect of a vitamin A palmitate and antioxidant-containing oil-based moisturizer on photodamaged skin of several body sites.
These curious scar-like lesions occur mostly on the extensor surface of the forearms on a background of severely photodamaged skin.
announced this month the publication of positive clinical results for its Obagi NuDerm System for the treatment of photodamaged skin in the April edition of Cosmetic Dermatology.
Commercial Microsponge Formulations NAME DRUG REMARKS/USE Afirm 3X Retinol Design to treat photodamaged skin EpiQuin[TM] Vitamin A Gradual treatment of EpiQuin[TM] Micro XD ultraviolet induced dyschromia and discoloration RnUn-A Micro Tretinoin For the treatment of acne vulgaris Curan[R] 5-flourouracil For actinic keratois MicroPeel[R] Salicylic acid Freeing the skin of all dead cells and stimulating the skin renewal process.
Photodamaged skin may appear rough, dry, develop pigment problems.
But only the past year have researchers reported results of controlled human studies showing definite improvement in the appearance of photodamaged skin.
The Condition & Enhance System, which utilizes Obagi Medical's Penetrating Therapeutics[TM] technology, helps to correct photodamaged skin, promote and maintain the overall health of the skin and prevent future skin damage.
The investigators concluded that photodamaged skin may benefit from the use of novel topically applied products containing low-molecular-weight HS.
RESULTS AND CONCLUSION: Overall, the results of the study showed that the test regimen produced statistically significant improvements in the appearance of photodamaged skin.
Photodamaged skin often has a 'leathery look' and is also discoloured with a dusky yellowish hue.