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Holmes rushed at the bell-pull, tore back a small sliding shutter, and, plunging in his hand, pulled out a photograph and a letter.
I could still take an interest in the dreadful photographs of murderous and murdered men; they appealed to the morbid element in my nature; and it was doubtless with degenerate unction that I called Raffles's attention to a certain scene of notorious slaughter.
No, I have never seen this face which you show me in the photograph.
Monty misunderstood him and slowly drew the photograph from his pocket and laid it face downwards upon the table.
There were a good many photographs, mostly signed, above the mantelpiece; a cigar cabinet, a case of sporting-rifles and shot guns, some fishing tackle, a case of books, distributed appropriately about the apartment.
On one side of the head-piece was Brissenden's photograph, on the other side was the photograph of Sir John Value, the British Ambassador.
I have his photograph here," she rejoined; "given to me by my dear old aunt, in the days of her prosperity.
I eagerly turned the photograph, expecting to see a woman with a stern, ill-tempered, forbidding countenance.
He was renting the flat furnished: of all the objects that encumbered it none were his own except the photograph frame, the Cupids, and the books.
Vronsky was looking through the photographs of her son, which she had forgotten on the table, and he made no haste to look round at her.
With a quick movement, she jerked the photograph from its niche and threw it face down upon the chest of drawers.
But there is no species of self-hypnotism equal to that of a man who gazes persistently at a photograph with the preconceived idea that he is in love with the original of it.