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Give them to me," she said, with a rapid movement snatching from Vronsky the photographs of her son, and glancing significantly at him with flashing eyes.
He had thrown her photographs into it, and then he had told her the reason.
The photograph is in a recess behind a sliding panel just above the right bell-pull.
Then Trent, who had more faults than most men, but who hated bad language, looked at the back of the photograph, and, shuddering, hesitated no longer.
From time to time, as he walked along the road, he took out the photograph and did some more gazing.
It was the face of the photograph, but older, and the teeth were not so numerous as the photographer had suggested, and certainly not so white.
What induced you to photograph such a wretched old rookery?
The discovery of the photograph quieted me as nothing had quieted me yet.
The photograph only served to puzzle the girl still more, for it was evidently another likeness of the same man whose picture rested in the locket beside that of the beautiful young woman.
I tried to make a sketch of his head one day," answered Edna, "and he thought the photograph might help me.
We did not come out well in that photograph, George and I.
Please send by return mail his photograph and biographical data.