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For example, in the case of Massart, additional photographical material allows to see what the photographer left out: signs of modernization that did not fit in with the image of a self-contained agrarian cycle.
information is contained, the concept of personal data includes information available in whatever form, be it alphabetical, numerical, graphical, photographical or acoustic, for example.
This photographical review will be called "Nurses in the Trenches.
There probably will be a lot of people - some no doubt attired in Spider-Man costume - to make for photographical enthusiastic scenes.
I bought several of the equestrian statue of the 1st Viscount Lord Tredegar, mounted on his favourite charger Sir Briggs outside Cardiff's City Hall, and printed by Raphael Tuck & Sons, The Strand Series, and the Royal Photographical Company for just a few pounds.
A ALTHOUGH Birmingham Central Library doesn't hold photographs of every street in the city, the Warwickshire Photographical Survey there does include about 26,000 images of Birmingham locations.
Philip Nixon is leading a Pelaw Perambulation Photographical walk at 10.
The remains of the Roman occupation of Egypt, in the form of crumbling overgrown aqueducts, attracted many artists who enjoyed photographical work and they also painted dozens of pictures of the old city of Cairo, Palmyra and Baalbek in the Lebanon.