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"Photography is not an art in the sense in which I understand the term.
They have left the new, more complexly organized, and more perfect, yet simple and beautiful method of photography in the hands of tradesmen, sneering at it publicly and resorting to its aid surreptitiously.
"Photography perfected in its recently discovered power of reproducing color as well as form!
Erskine," added Trefusis, lowering his voice, and turning to the poet, "you are wrong to take part with hucksters and money-hunters against your own nature, even though the attack upon them is led by a man who prefers photography to etching."
I have a few treasures there that photography is not likely to surpass for some time yet."
(1) We can collect together all the happenings in one place, as is done by photography so far as light is concerned;
I thought of the assistant's fondness for photography, and his trick of vanishing into the cellar.
The competition's ninth edition will also comprise the four main categories with "Water" as the main theme, along with both "General" colour of black and white category, the "Portfolio" category, and the new "Mobile Photography" category.
You seem to have explored different career paths; broadcasting, academics and now photography. What birth the change?
He weaves stories of desert life and cosmopolitan scenes from Abu Dhabi where he is based as an architect, interspersed with snippets of Filipino culture with street and festival photography.
CREATIVE MIND: Mohammed Muslim, an Indian expatriate living in Qatar since 2009, uses mobile phone camera to pursue his hobby of photography.
Summary: Ooty (Tamil Nadu) [India] June 5 (ANI/NewsVoir): A lot of students these days are showing a keen interest in non-traditional subjects like photography and are not just making a career but also a name for themselves in the field.