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ii) Photomechanical control over plasmonic enhancement on nanostructured elastomeric substrates: Fabrication of metal nanostructures on substrates that can contract and expand in response to light comprises a perfect, yet previously unexplored, nanophotonic platform with light-tunable lattice parameters.
including photomechanical, hand, and hybrid images side by side--as if
Using these photomechanical processes allowed The Yellow Book to multiply the media showcased in its pages: oil paintings, watercolours, etchings, silk fans, pencil drawings, pen-and-ink sketches, bookplate designs, and more were reproduced in its galleries of pictures.
From 1870 to 1875 he was associated with the Istituto Geografico Militare in Florence where, in studying the reproduction methods of maps through typogravure, he began his lifelong interest in photomechanical processes.
The evolution from traditional nanosecond to picosecond lasers has been observed to produce a photomechanical effect that causes fragmentation of tattoo ink or pigment," wrote Dr.
The program included 11 oral presentations and more than 30 student posters addressing such diverse themes as stimuli-responsive polymeric materials, photomechanical azobenzene crystals, two-dimensional organization of gold nanoparticles and DNA-based structures with therapeutic functions.
Laser, like other electromagnetic radiation, can produce photothermal, photomechanical and photochemical reactions in skin.
56vb) (Venice, 1519, photomechanical reprint, 1964) cf.
Photodestruction of human dental plaque bacteria: enhancement of the photodynamic effect by photomechanical waves in an oral biofilm model.
The current advances include microneedles [5-8], iontophoresis (electric current) [9,10], ultrasound [11-13], photomechanical waves [14], electroporation (transient high-voltage electrical pulses) [15,16] and pressurized air techniques [17,18].
While Simjian's role in the invention of the ATM is contested, he is recognised as the inventor of a photomechanical automated banking terminal patented in 1961 as a 'depository machine', but popularly known as the Bankograph.
As with all of the first producers of commercial photomechanical prints in the United States (such as Ernest Edwards, Frederick Gutekunst, Stephen Horgan, William Leggo, Frederic Ives, and the photographic experimenter R.