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If a learner does not know that a string of words is a phrasal verb, he/she is likely to decode the meanings of the individual words (Siyanova and Schmitt 2007).
For example, in asking if she will be a hope "to sing by gladly" she uses a phrasal verb that allows her to assume multiple positions.
Some phrasal verbs instantiations help further illustrate polysemy and the struggle involved in learning them.
Otros autores como Borres y Littlemore (2003) hablan abiertamente ya de frases idiomaticas y phrasal verbs como mapas conceptuales metaforicos de una lengua.
The utterance in question was analyzed above (consider 3a) and is particularly ambiguous because of the copied phrasal verb korvale jatma 'to leave aside, to ignore, to disregard'.
However, little has been published on the phrasal verb in Shakespeare or his contemporaries.
Subjects were asked to match the Latinate term with the phrasal verb that the guidelines suggest as a substitute.
A direct object located within the phrasal verb is better integrated into the clause than a direct object located after the verb's particle.
Tanabe, Harumi 1999: "Composite Predicates and Phrasal Verbs in The Paston Letters".
A mark of the phrasal verb is this: When active voice We laugh at grammarians is recast as passive, the seeming preposition clings to the result like static to silk.
1999 "Verbal phrases and phrasal verbs in Early Modem English", in: Laurel J.
Expanded range of active vocabulary, idioms and phrasal verbs