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It was not this phrase, however, that I repeated to him, when we met here at Glandier.
he was greatly troubled, though much less so than he had been by hearing me repeat the phrase about the presbytery.
I told him that in an affair so filled with mystery as this, he had no right to hide this letter; that I was persuaded it was of considerable importance; that the desperate tone in which Mademoiselle Stangerson had pronounced the prophetic phrase,--that his own tears, and the threat of a crime which he had professed after the letter was read--all these facts tended to leave no room for me to doubt.
Phrases are often repeated in the ballads, just as in the talk of the common man, for the sake of emphasis, but there is neither complexity of plot or characterization nor attempt at decorative literary adornment--the story and the emotion which it calls forth are all in all.
Thorough unity, either in the whole or in the separate stories so loosely woven together, could not be expected; in continual reading the long succession of similar combat after combat and the constant repetition of stereotyped phrases become monotonous for a present-day reader; and it must be confessed that Malory has little of the modern literary craftsman's power of close-knit style or proportion and emphasis in details.
To the editor, in their "Methods" section, the authors of "Supplementary Searches of PubMed to Improve Currency of MEDLINE and MEDLINE InProcess Searches via Ovid" state that "PubMed does not accept truncation when phrase searching, so we had to use numerous phrases to capture as many variations as possible.
The phrase li shen xing dao must have been recognizable to any scholar in Imperial China as an allusion to one of the first sentences of the Canon of Filial Piety (Xiaojing [phrase omitted]), another text attributed to Zengzi: "To establish oneself, practice the Way, and make one's name known to posterity in honor of one's parents is the ultimate goal of filial piety" [phrase omitted].
The SL compound in this type functions, syntactically and semantically, as one word regardless of its spelling (split, single-word or hyphenated), and the TL compound consists of a genitive construction where a head noun is used in a state of idafah without the Arabic al- determiner prefix and followed by a noun or a noun phrase as in desktop ([phrase omitted]), disk drive ([phrase omitted]), Enter key ([phrase omitted]), firewall ([phrase omitted]), password ([phrase omitted]), user name ([phrase omitted]), etc.
For example, Google AdWords and Keyword Planner will help you determine the number of searches, by phrase, for your preferred keyword phrases.
Also, with large documents separated into formatted pages, the page and even line breaks can cause phrases that stretch across sections not to be indexed as a phrase.
The words of a phrase each lose a single letter to make another phrase:
The Arabic phrase - a praise of God - has become a routine cry of Muslim extremists before carrying out their violent attacks.