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Jaki S (2014) Phraseological substitutions in newspaper headlines: "More than meets the eye.
Phraseological calque - consists of the full translation (full phraseological calque) or the partial one (partial phraseological calque) of phrases from other languages.
Academic vocabulary in academic discourse: The phraseological behaviour of evaluation in Economics research articles.
The seminar will focus on new theoretical perspectives and the latest developments in phraseology, including stylistic investigations, the issues of tradition vs creativity in the use of phraseological units in discourse, and cross-linguistic and cross-cultural research.
For a further phraseological debt to the homilies on Isaiah themselves cf.
Symbols are abstract and arbitrary, including verbal levels--morphemic, lexical, syntactic, or phraseological.
According to Dubrovin (1995) "idiom" to be a set of phraseological units which meaning does not result from the meaning of its components.
In his work, Glaser (1988) suggests that despite the fact that single words cannot be called phraseological units, they can, to certain extent, be idiomatic.
The equation is supported by many phraseological correspondences: Vedic divo napata 'scions of the sky' (RV 1.
Bilingual reader's perception of equivalence in the translation of phraseological units.
This requires an essentially static vision of collocation where phraseological units are treated as if created ex nihilo and are simply found and classified on purely linguistic grounds as to what may and what may not be termed as a collocation.
A Conceptual-Semantic Tiernet Approach to Formal Representation of Structure and Variation of Phraseological Units.