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Foot Couplets I do not make any apology For this study in philology It's for your own inspection Or to alter the inflection These are the plain facts Phraseology but no syntax I never meddle round the rim Or edge borders of synonym A palindrome there and back To level out all the slack A diversion not a detour A remedy but not a cure The verb to cure is preserved And quite simply not inferred If there's any irony inside There's no recourse to deride This will never satiate a greed But may well amuse to read.
It frequently focused on towns using such phraseology such as "Love Dumfries" and "Love Annan".
I checked her email address and found the message originated from Portugal, which would explain the quaint phraseology, but not her desire for friendship with an older geezer, unless "Girl" is actually a Russian mafia conman or a chap in Burkina Faso hoping to touch me up for my bank account details or cash in hand.
Talking to ANI, Surjewala said the phraseology that Shah has used shows his character.
Needless to add, the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar has himself recently observed that speeches made by various persons are misconstrued and depicted in negative phraseology in order to sensationalise certain matters,' stated Chaudhry's reply submitted in the SC by Murtaza.
While it is true that phraseology of general-purpose language (LGP) has been researched from many linguistic perspectives in the last twenty years, this does not apply to phraseology of special-purpose (LSP) language.
After a meticulous study (3) on those occurrences under the light of Metalexicography and Phraseology theories, this researcher tries to provide a real example analysis, a type of 'X-ray' of the phraseological units with zoonyms in the researched dictionaries.
That phraseology was in the report on that accident.
He replied: "I would have expected the inspectorate if they were unhappy with phraseology to come back to me for more records."
The ICE stations are independent systems that are used to assist in aviation phraseology proficiency and communications procedures.
Asked whether he thought there was a "war between the West and Islam itself," Trump said in his usual obscure phraseology: "It's radical, but it's very hard to define.