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Such phraseology is used to describe the crash site and how the aircraft came to rest.
The ICE stations are independent systems that are used to assist in aviation phraseology proficiency and communications procedures.
And the phraseology is specific: Admonish your friend.
It includes practical information on phraseology, language variation, legal translation, and translation technology.
In many cases the only difference is the phraseology," the spokesman said.
Using Cameron's past phraseology - 'No ifs, no buts' - just finish it off.
Her understanding of Respighian phraseology and melange was evident in the a piacere enunciations in "Stornellatrice," the sentimental elan of European salons and drawing rooms evoked in "Invito alla danza," and the impressionistic aspirations of "Pioggia.
In addition to Salatin's new phraseology, there's another small yet powerful word that can be used to attract people to more sustainable living: "free.
Szpila works through phraseology in a study of word combinations, scriptor idiomatics, an analysis of idioms in a literary text, his formal aspects of idiomatic actualization, idiomatic modifications, and conceptualizations of formal meaning and function.
Where the procedure isn't or hasn't yet been renamed, the controller may still clear you for the localizer portion, but with the new phraseology, "Cleared (ILS/LDA) approach, glideslope unusable.