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Phratry 1: Amurdak warri-wudjali, Gaagudju [PHI]-yarrmangiiru (Masc), njing-garrmangiiru (Fem), Garik man-djirra-wudjali, Kunwinjku yarri-burrik
Whaanau `to give birth' extended family Hapuu `pregnancy' ramage Iwi `bones';`people' clan Waka `canoe' phratry
Interestingly, he adds at one point that for vital collective occasions involving the men of a whole phratry, it is the 'elders' (not just a big-man) who 'ask the appropriate ritual expert to direct the affair,' and this expert, he notes, 'is often a member of another clan, and his office and special knowledge are inherited within his own patrilineage' (Meggitt 1965: 114).