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ABOUT BREATHING PACEMAKERS An Avery Breathing Pacemaker is an implanted phrenic nerve or diaphragm stimulator.
We believe that inducing a temporary phrenic nerve palsy during this procedure may help in preventing the dislodgement of topical sealant.
On the other night, they received phrenic nerve stimulation with the generator remaining outside the body.
Diaphragm contractions induced by phrenic nerve stimulation were fully inhibited by tubocurarine in a concentration-dependent manner ([IC.
The three main concerns of bilateral brachial plexus blockade are LA toxicity, phrenic nerve block and pneumothorax.
Tumors with direct invasion of the phrenic nerve or brachial plexus (inferior branches or not otherwise specified) from the superior sulcus are categorized as T3.
The acquired lesions may occur after phrenic nerve paralysis or dysfunction [21].
Respiratory distress may also be seen when there is an associated injury to the phrenic nerve, although this is rare.
The majority of hiccups are caused by irritation of the phrenic nerve, which is the nerve supplying the diaphragm, though there is also an area in the brain - the hiccup centre - which can occasionally be involved.
Thymic carcinomas are larger tumors, and the findings of invasion of the great vessels, lymphadenopathy, phrenic nerve palsy, and lung or distant metastases are seen only in patients with thymic carcinoma.
Tests showed my left phrenic nerve was not functioning, and I had lost the use of the left side of the diaphragm.