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There he found a phylactery case from Qumran among the organic artifacts stored in climate-controlled warehouses.
In keeping with rabbinic custom, the phylactery of the arm is put on first while seated and that of the head afterward while standing.
Its text was used as a doorway phylactery, similar to those still in use by observant Jews today.
One of the most interesting pieces in this section is a miniature, hexagonal Qu'ran encased in a phylactery which was attached to the Ottoman battle standard.
On arising in the morning an observant Jew will attach, by a leather band around his head, a small box called a phylactery or tefillin containing four biblical passages written on parchment.
He quotes from the Old Testament book of Leviticus, which is fair if his own religious affiliation is to Judaism, or if Mr Lyndon chooses for himself to sacrifice doves and lambs and wear a phylactery and keep Years of Jubilee, but which has no relevance to the duty of Christians.
This divine-human reciprocity is further enhanced by the literary imagery of donning loincloth, double tattoo, double phylactery, and double hat, as symbols of God's intimate relationship with His people.