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ACTUAL. Real; actual.
     2. Actual notice. One which has been expressly given by which knowledge of a fact has been brought home to a party directly ; it is opposed to constructive notice.
     3. Actual admissions. Those which are expressly made; they are plenary or partial. 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 4405.
     4. An actual escape takes place when a prisoner in fact gets out of prison, and unlawfully regains his liberty. Vide Escape.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In addition to physical therapy, the new Waldwick location, formerly of Achieve Sports Medicine and Rehab, offers Occupational and Hand Therapy from a certified occupational therapist, while the Randolph location, formerly PRO Physical Therapy offers additional, innovative services including aquatic and vestibular therapy as well as one of New Jersey's top-rated Pilates studios.
(3) The Army antiterrorism program is synchronized to, and integrated with, physical security activities through a framework of working groups and activities within the APP.
Present study investigates the effects of physical activity on health related quality of life.
This is the same trend in Canada, where according to the 1998 Physical Activity Monitor (2000), over 60% of Canadian youth could not be considered active enough to support a habit of lifelong activity.
Rapid modernization which leads to dietary and physical activity patterns changed often hypothesized to be the major catalyst in Kuwait obesity epidemic (Rubenstein, 2005; Al-Isa, 2004; & El-Bayoumy, 2009).
There is a linear relationship between physical activity and health status [3].
The survey results are expected to help shape the policies and guidelines that will make sure that schools here provide international best practices in physical education.
While the importance of physical literacy is made clear in increasing a sense of self and confidence, it would be extremely interesting to extend this research even further.
Pakistan Physical Disability won a thrilling last game against their Bangladeshi counterparts by five runs to top the standings with six points and net run-rate of +1.356.
[USA], Dec 12 ( ANI ): Increasing physical activity has a positive impact on survival in lymphoma patients, finds a study.
Lack of exercise or physical activity is estimated to cause as many deaths each year as smoking, Health News reported.
ISLAMABAD -- Physical therapists are health care professionals who maintain, restore, and improve movement, activity, and health enabling individuals of all ages to have optimal functioning and quality of life.