physical appearance

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The process involved recording the physical appearance and personal hygiene patterns in the form of video recordings.
Aside from discriminating against passengers due to their physical appearance, Inton said that some drivers even bar male passengers from taking the front seat.
According to Parasuraman (1985), physical appearance includes physical facts of the service.
The eroticisation of women's physical appearance is a way of exercising power over women.
Tebow told the magazine that physical appearance matters, but so do the non-physical features too.
Though many may pine for the physical appearance they had in their younger years, America's seniors are the most confident in their looks.
I am quite ashamed that I gave my physical appearance such importance at one point in my life .
The physical appearance of money can alter spending behavior.
Her problems however do not only lie in her physical appearance but also with her step-mother's treatment of her, her lust for an education unavailable to her and her sister's imminent marriage, thus losing her only confident.
com on factors taken into consideration while looking for a prospective life partner revealed that Religion and Manglik/Non Manglik statuses though are important factors in arranged marriages Educational Qualifications of men and Physical Appearance of women tops the list of most preferred qualities while evaluating a prospective match.
Those whose self-worth is based on public-based contingencies--defined as outside approval, physical appearance, and outdoing others in competition--were more involved in online photo sharing, and those whose self-worth is most contingent on appearance have a higher intensity of online photo sharing.
This year's show, Come Together, includes pieces inspired by the group's songs, lives and philosophies, as well as their physical appearance.

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