physical being

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Solnit, for example, places emphasis on the physical act of walking in a culture where physical being is largely ignored, and the other books raise specific questions about our culture's conceptions of time, wilderness, community, success, and gender; the rewards of living a simplified life, the value of human experience in nature, etc.
Of course there is no consensus on the matter, and many other people, accepting the evidence of the data we have at face value, conclude that each person is precisely devoid of any essence beyond his or her physical being. But we have only one president, and I think we may assume from his public statements that he is one of the many Americans who believe that each person is the bearer of a sacred soul, and further, that he believes this soul resides not only in every living person, but in every human cell or collection of cells with the potential to become a person.
Those who have crossed over are no longer physical beings. They are a higher consciousness in an energy form and many types of electrical equipment can cause interference or blocking of their intended contact.
We're not only physical beings with basic needs; we're also soul-filled and spiritually yearning for something greater than ourselves.
She thinks that humans are both spiritual beings having a physical experience and physical beings having a spiritual experience.
"We need to protect their electronic attributes as well as their physical beings."
The poem ends by reinforcing the idea that though we may emotionally shut ourselves off from the world, we can return to our emotional lives, our awareness of our physical beings in friendship, love, heartbreak, sex, music, food, the landscape, the woods, the trees, the wind.
To truly understand disease, Bach said, we must first understand 'the reason of our being and the laws of our Creator.'Only under the guidance of our spiritual self can we perfect ourselves as physical beings.
Instead the industry should be talking about what it's doing to attract physical beings to its physical stores.
And one of the most destabilizing things to affect our physical beings was the digital seduction that made us think our bodies did not matter much anymore--were not vital to our social presence--because look at what we can do from the safety and anonymity of a keyboard.
According to God's physicality he is originator of all physical beings, including nature (97).
Chakra theory provides an intriguing avenue to improved vocal technique and awareness because "examining the chakra system illuminates the fact that we are physical beings with universal energy moving through us (p.
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