physical being

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Thinking in terms of spiritual beings having a physical experience or physical beings having a spiritual experience perpetuates the illusion of dualism.
How we, as physical beings, will connect with, interpret and adapt this increasing dataflow residing in our cities is already becoming a significant research question.
However, spatiotemporally finite "time travel" universes can host unending personal torment for infinitely many physical beings, while keeping fixed finite limits on rates of temporal passage.
There is a misconception in our culture that dancers are purely physical beings.
It's something cultural in our minds, making us think that as physical beings we are not ready to defend ourselves.
It fails to appreciate human beings in their totality as emotional, spiritual and physical beings that God created us to be.
We often forget thatwe aremore than physical beings.
Thinley put it simply: We are each finite and fragile physical beings.
But if we remember that humans are spiritual, social, psychological, and physical beings, our poverty-alleviation efforts will be more holistic in design and execution," Corbett and Fikkert say.
Spirit, by definition, is an immaterial essence, a disposition or a force that animates physical beings.
As we observe the effects of mental states on the body, we learn not only what is good for us as physical beings but also what is good for us as spiritual beings.
People's physical beings rotted during their lives with nothing resembling modern medicine to come to their rescue.
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