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The fire service would like to implement a system of checks on the physical condition of candidates as well as of active members to get a better picture of who they can send to actually fight fires.
Tevez had his physical condition assessed at a Swiss clinic before reporting back last Monday and was reported to have worked double shifts in training last week.
Undiagnosed, untreated physical conditions are often wrongly interpreted as mental or behavioural "disorders".
Even at that, a person must assess his physical condition during the season.
One commiserates with food shortages, the men's deteriorating physical condition due to cold and injuries, and their agony at being bested by the Norwegian Roald Amundsen.
Although more than two thirds of those with the disorder consult a family doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist compared with slightly more than one fifth without the disorder, they are also more likely to have other mental and emotional problems, such as a chronic physical condition.
The persons interviewed were asked to answer a short list of structured questions about their demographic characteristics, and a number of open questions that enabled them to express their opinion about the supportive community, their attachment to the neighborhood, their degree of participation, and whether the physical condition of the neighborhood are adequate in view of their disabilities.
The two aircrew members ejected safely and were picked up and transported to the NAS North Island Medical Clinic, where they were found to be in good physical condition.
The revised Department of the Army Regulation 700-138, Army Logistics Readiness and Sustainability establishes policies, responsibilities, and procedures to be followed for reporting the physical condition of Army equipment and the ability/inability to perform its intended mission.
It provides for payment to each retiring partner on the basis of the partner's age, physical condition and years of service, or a combination of age, physical condition and years of service.
When people think of fitness and aquatic centers, they think of an improved physical condition.
Following adenotonsillectomy, the patient's CIDP went into remission and her overall physical condition improved with physiotherapy.

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