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New Delhi [India], Jan 21 ( ANI ): Deepa Malik, India's first female para-athlete to win a medal at the Paralympics, on Saturday said she discovered her abilities beyond the disabilities and overcame the stereotypes which surrounded her physical condition.
According to researchers from the University Of Waterloo in Ontario,Canada, children commonly show signs of a mental disorder soon after receiving a diagnosis involving of a chronic physical condition - asthma,food allergy, epilepsy, diabetes or juvenile arthritis.
The PFA Gulberg Town team conducted a raid on Ice Food and Restaurant and Bismillah Restaurant, Faisal Town, and imposed fine for poor physical condition of workers, using blue chemical drums for food storage and poor cleanliness arrangements.
Generally speaking, physical condition involves the capacity of the human body to adequate its diverse reactions to the needs of the environment (daily activities incurred by professional requirements, family issues, social roles, etc.
He maintained that abroad, candidate firefighters have to meet certain criteria, including relating to their physical condition.
The City gaffer blasted the Argentine's physical condition last week but Tevez has worked flat out in training to change his mind.
Findings: A consolidated list of data collected from Head Masters/Mistresses of various schools regarding details about formation, number of teachers, number of students, physical condition of building, staffroom, kanjipura, classroom, transport facilities, mid-day meal, availability of pure water, details about other lower primary schools within two kilometers, toilet, urinal, understanding among staff, co-operation of common people.
A reaction to chemical additives in food is a physical condition, and their removal, according to the study, can produce marked results.
The properties are being offered in an "As Is" physical condition.
Galaman Ltd was developed to provide the equine athlete and small animals with only the highest quality products to enhance, promote and maintain their physical condition.
The best diagrams are explicit of the structure of both an idea and a physical condition like a building.

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