physical element

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While the app can be downloaded from the App Store and used without the separately-sold Smart Letters, it really comes alive with the vital physical element that the wooden blocks bring, and for this reason they're worth the extra investment.
You could see he'll give us that physical element and he can be pleased with his 65 minutes.
Over the next few weeks we are going to try to give him that physical element he needs.
The 6-foot-4, 221-pound Browner brings a physical element to a defense that was trampled Monday night and has to deal with wide receivers A.
James Vaughan provides a physical element to Town's game up front |which they have missed during his absence says boss Mark Robins
He is not shy of the physical element, he can score and will both contribute defensively and offensively.
The print edition became more difficult to maintain and wasn't the best physical element to deliver the quality of our database and the quality of our editorial," Jorge Cauz, president of Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.
99 The original Brain Training was a fantastic demonstration of how much fun a grey matter work-out could be, and now Body And Brain Exercises introduces an additional physical element that will push your reflexes and co-ordination skills to the limit.
It was incumbent on the Crown to prove intention in relation to each physical element of the offence particularised as the object of the conspiracy; not recklessness.
Mowbray said: "I think we've missed the physical element of Marco's game.
We can operate within all of the other areas we accept as domains, including the ground (although we spend most of our time on it instead of in it), and these domains all include a physical element that we can touch.
However, he does not command attention as a lead, largely because, as an actor, he has yet to uncover the charismatic physical element that helps draw the audience's undivided attention and appreciation.

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