physical hurt

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He cried her name sharply, like a man who has taken a physical hurt, and that was the last word that either of them spoke until they reached Thymebury Junction.
It was so like her, so like the boy she was, to come running to complain of the physical hurt which had been done her.
Far worse than the sum of his physical hurts was his hurt pride.
For it isn't the ability to communicate that differentiates us from other animal folk, it's the way we can say things without physical hurt being a given.
He had never been a theater go'er but during the performance, by a woman with whom he was familiar and growing more in love with, he "realized he was being told a story of the human spirit, a story of courage, and hope, and love overcoming despair and physical hurt."
Physical hurt is audible and visible on this show and often difficult to watch.
Cowlishaw vividly demonstrates how the relationships among citizens of Bourke are played out in terms of a binary system of identification and through the public performance of three categories of racialized violence, which she identifies as 'intentional physical hurt', 'vehement expression', and 'painful derogation'.
Malone said she also is finally free of the physical hurt.
More serious than the physical hurt was the psychological damage.
The physical hurt heals but the mental damage leaves permanent scars.
Falling well protected him not only from physical hurt but from being overwhelmed by a future remote from the "normal": "Learning to fall was learning that most essential of American lessons: How to mm incapacity into capacity," he writes, and losing the use of his legs helped him envision "a strange but potentially interesting new self."
Minister for Women Joan Ruddock said: "My prime concern is the emotional and physical hurt placed on women and children.