physical hurt

See: injury
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He cried her name sharply, like a man who has taken a physical hurt, and that was the last word that either of them spoke until they reached Thymebury Junction.
It was so like her, so like the boy she was, to come running to complain of the physical hurt which had been done her.
Far worse than the sum of his physical hurts was his hurt pride.
This 'ragging' inflicts psychological and physical hurt on students.
India is fast becoming a mob republic where power elite has developed various ways to not only intimidate you but put you in deep distress to the strength of physical hurt or elimination.
Primary suffering is the basic unpleasant sensations of physical hurt.
It may be a physical hurt, an emotional or psychological hurt, a social hurt or a spiritual hurt, but they hurt.
The Catholic Church has expressed its opposition against self-flagellation and other forms of physical hurt that inflict harm to the human body.
It's not just about the physical hurt, it's the mental anguish it's caused - and it's not just the people directly involved.
But the pain of not playing wears on an athlete far more corrosively than any physical hurt.
He had never been a theater go'er but during the performance, by a woman with whom he was familiar and growing more in love with, he "realized he was being told a story of the human spirit, a story of courage, and hope, and love overcoming despair and physical hurt.