physical limit

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That is why a new power semiconductor, which can replace silicon semiconductors, which have begun to reach their physical limit, is in demand.
They therefore must be capable of properly assessing the current situation even at the physical limit.
And the fundamental physical limit is the world of atoms.
There's a physical limit to how much you can do in chocolates so we decided to move into adjacent categories," said group marketing manager Matt Smith.
Although he's watched processing power and speed increase each year, Wozniak says there will be a day when the technology will reach a physical limit and begin to plateau.
Simultaneously, Barron's reports that the astonishing productivity gains rung out of computers in recent years have now plateaued, strongly suggesting there is a physical limit to how much assistance any electronic device can offer an employee.
The top level of Spanish football and the Champions League force me to recognise I have reached my physical limit.
It's a well known principle that the number of transistors in a computer chip doubles every two years," he said, "but we are now reaching the physical limit.
This is David's first half-marathon and he says it will test him to his physical limit.
But I want to do something up to the physical limit one person can do.
The team also showed that a four-atom layer is the fundamental physical limit for silicon dioxide-based insulators, so an alternative insulating material must be found before 2012.
THE PUNISHER (18) Thomas Jane had to push himself to the absolute physical limit to become comic book vigilante The Punisher.

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