physical nature

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He raises physical nature to the level of human thought, giving it thereby a mystic power and expression; he subdues man to the level of nature, but gives him therewith a certain breadth and vastness and solemnity.
He never went anywhere without such a companion wherewith to improve his leisure moments: all time seemed lost that was not devoted to study, or exacted, by his physical nature, for the bare support of life.
During that discussion, the Spaniard told De Jong he would struggle for gametime in the Championship due to his technical style being largely unsuited to the rugged and physical nature of second-tier English football.
The system will be used to measure the chemical composition and physical nature (shape, size, diffusion coefficient) of engineered nanoparticles and/or natural colloids and organic matter in 0.
We know we will have our hands full, but the thing I remember most from that game was the physical nature of it.
When you install a muzzle brake, you will be changing the physical nature of your barrel by adding a weight to it.
The author identifies what is inconsistent and wrong in Einstein's explanation of time and his theory of time relativity and proposes a new theory based on its physical nature and properties, consistent time relativity theory, outlining its physical and mathematical fundamentals, controversial interpretations of time and the questions they pose, and solutions to them.
An estimated 42% of women over the age of fifteen in Turkey have suffered some kind of domestic abuse of a physical nature.
With everything becoming increasingly virtual, intangible and even ephemeral at times, it is good to make people feel a physical nature to your brand.
But the midfielder is adamant he did nothing wrong and believes too many people moan about the physical nature of the game.
The benchmark was set by England; they just kept the pressure right on Wales and the physical nature of that battle means we've got a bit of work to do without a doubt," said Schmidt.
The physical nature of the attacks meant customer data was not compromised.

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