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What is needed is some physical phenomenon that changes regularly in a measurable way with changes in temperature, and the first person to attempt to find such a phenomenon was Galileo (see 1581).
The device developed by the MIT students, 'Wristify', leverages the physical phenomenon known as the Peltier effect to reduce the body temperature, Fox News reported.
But detailed simulations by Wladimir Lyra (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and Marc Kuchner (NASA/Goddard) in the July 11th Nature show that these gaps might grow on their own thanks to a well-known physical phenomenon.
Contract notice: Delivery device - surface plasmon resonance imaging technology, which is based on the physical phenomenon of plasmon resonance.
He addresses the (more than five) senses of vision, hearing, taste, smell, touch, temperature, pain, balance, and body awareness, but thematically structures the discussion around stimulus (the physical phenomenon that our senses detect), sensation (the mechanisms by which our senses detect stimuli), and perception (how our brains manage and interpret the data of sensation).
The two methods constitute the basis of a variety of numerical techniques for solving a range of problems in the physical sciences and applied mathematics, says Vastya, but explanations of them are scattered hither and yon, and tend to focus on their mathematical niceties and neglect their link with the physical phenomenon that they can actually help analyze.
Without any economic calculus in its outlay, artistic energy becomes in its own right a concretely physical phenomenon.
Colourants: From the Physical Phenomenon to their Nutraceutical Properties: An Overview; The Colour Phenomenon; Pigments; Pigments as Food Colourants; Inorganic and Synthetic Pigments - History, Sources, and Uses; Natural Pigments - Global Perspective; Carotenoids; Anthocyannins and Betalains; Other Natural Pigments; Chemicals and Colourants as Nutraceuticals; Appendix; Index.