physically strong

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She was not physically strong, and after a little time said, "Slower
From childhood the poet, though physically strong, was moody and given to solitary dreaming; from early childhood also he composed poetry, and when he was seventeen he and one of his elder brothers brought out a volume of verse, immature, but of distinct poetic feeling and promise.
It's about preparing his body to be physically strong, but it is great to see him back in training.
It's a very physically demanding sport and they're not going to be as physically strong as a bloke.
Joshua is physically strong, I'm physically strong, I don't think it will be one or the other.
They are physically strong, any team that can match Mayo in size are a big team and he (Walsh) definitely has a lot of cards to play from," said the Armagh boss.
Marouane is physically strong and Wales have a few strong players, so it would have helped to have him in the team.
A geek website, Bleeding Cool, has posted a casting call for the Man of Steel sequel, which said that director Zach Snyder was looking for a new physically strong female lead, between the age of 25 and 33, Stuff.
Trapattoni said: "He played well, he is also physically strong and this game is a tough game - it will be a technical, but also a physical game against Sweden.
The Lions are a physically strong side and I'm starting to get a little bit worried about the Test series coming up.
The group games will be tough - Italy are good technically, New Zealand are physically strong and the Scotland game will be a dog-fight.
Defending from set-pieces has been a problem for Villa and could be a key area against a physically strong Lions team.