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For several seconds I struggled toward some coherency of event or sensation, but lost again to the sudden return of the state, an invisible physicalness that transported me toward an uncontrollable fear.
You can see the sense of urgency that they are starting to practice with," he said, "a physicalness that we're looking for was quite apparent.
There's a physicalness," Hoke said of his philosophy.
We matched their intensity and we matched their physicalness, but in the losses we've had this year, turnovers have been a major facet," said Friedman, whose Woolies turned the ball over four times.
We will have to match their physicalness up front if we are to get anything out of this game.
In Venice, he had shielded his rooms filled with the life of Kate from the intrusions of the world; now he hovers over the delicate nothingness of Milly, over death, to protect it from the vulgar, limiting, insistent physicalness of Kate: "He sought and guarded the stillness, so that it might prevail there till the inevitable sound of life, once more, comparatively coarse and harsh, should smother and deaden it" (II:396).

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