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27) This physiognomic defect almost anticipates Hop-Frog's deformity, and the narrator in a subtle way equates the king with Hop-Frog because both are in a sense "capital figure[s]" to the ministers and other people in the court.
For putting into practice this goal, this paper presents a CAD system that was developed to obtain the physiognomic surface of a tooth that is part of the side group teeth.
11) Henry Ellenberger (1958: 110-111) gives the following examples of how the oriented space does express emotions and moods: "The outside oriented space may have a hollow tone or a rich, expressive, physiognomic tone.
Of the physiognomic characters tested, the only correlation found was a strong positive correlation between palm length and the number of triatomine eggs (simple regression, r = 0.
William Sheldon, who in the early twentieth century invented the types of human characterization in physiognomic terms, said something similar, and Aldous Huxley, applying Sheldon's terminology, remarked that civilization may be defined as a complex of religious, legal, and educational devices for preventing extreme somatotonics (in Sheldons language, men of aggressive temperment and muscular physique) from doing too much mischief and for directing their irrepressible energies into socially desirable channels.
3) In a racial caste, one sociologist argued, "the criterion is primarily physiognomic, usually chromatic, with socio-economic differences implied.
Though there are physiognomic similarities linked to prehistoric human origins from certain parts of the globe, race in a strong biological sense--as capturing the kinds of differences that mark important human capacities--is dubious.
We may first grasp the line in terms of its physiognomic character, its dynamic rise and fall.
In these catchments a combination of the runoff generation mechanisms as well as physiognomic features of the catchments and soil characteristics are probably responsible for runoff generation irrespective of the grazing systems.
Each apiary contains four hives arranged irregularly within a distance of 5 to 20 metres from each other depending on shade and other physiognomic conditions.
His visual observations of the figural as well as physiognomic style in each window, carried out on a microanalytic level, elicit questions and suggestions that lead to the most complete investigation of the glazing program of Beauvais up to the present time.