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Such a complex mosaic is controlled by climate, soil physical and chemical properties and fire regime, in a way that physiognomies ranging from grasslands to woodlands exhibit contrasting environmental conditions (Oliveira-Filho and Ratter, 2002).
In the 2008 "Film Portrait Collage" series, publicity shots of movie stars are divided between opposing genders, identities or physiognomies only hinted at before.
grimaces), but also for border crossings between physiology and psychology (68-9), and the possibility of moving the 'correct' artistic rendering of the passions decidedly beyond the use of models or Charles Le Brun's physiognomies.
2005) consider Campos Rupestres as a mosaic of five physiognomies (Campos Graminosos, Afloramentos Rochosos, Matas de Galeria, Campos Brejosos (swamps in mountain areas) and Campos de Velozias (fields with Velloziaceae predominance) determined mainly by the predominant substrate.
Abstract: The globally vulnerable Clyomys bishopi, a semi-fossorial and colonial rodent, is apparently limited to cerrado (savannah-like vegetation) physiognomies in Sao Paulo State, Brazil.
Unlike most paintings of his later years, which evoke horror and darkness, this double portrait imprints a gentle aspect of humanity on the mild physiognomies of physician and patient.
One of the oddities of The Fairy Faith is that many of its on-camera witnesses and specialists display the kind of Wide--eyed, elfin physiognomies you associate with the magical beings they're talking about.
If their physiognomies prove that opposites attract, their