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Johann Casper Lavater, a well-known physiognomist of Austen's day, delineated detailed claims about how specific features of the head, face and overall body type directly communicate a person's character and disposition.
As a youth he was told by a physiognomist that, once punished, he would eventually become king.
We asked Naomi Tickle, a leading physiognomist and author of a best selling book on face reading to analyse Mr Blair's smile.
Studies by physiognomist Alfred Linney of the Department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering, University College, London, observed that the Cassandra and Clarke portraits show women with similar hairstyles and face shapes.
The California-based physiognomist (face-reader) says low-set, straight eyebrows and a long jaw are the traits to look for in a passionate partner.
Phrenologists assigned values like "Dutifulness" and "Agreeableness" to bumps on your head, while physiognomists saw them in the shape of your nose.
Her hair and eyebrows were jet black (these latter may have been too thick according to some physiognomists, giving a rather stern expression to the eyes, and hence causing those guilty ones to tremble who came under her lash), but her complexion was .
Relying on supposedly empirical data, physiognomists and phrenologists reported distinctions between the bone structure of tinkers, who could be recognized by their strong jaws and cheekbones, and those of settled people whose prominent bones encased rational brains.