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PHYSIOLOGY, med. jur. The science which treats of the functions of animals; it is the science of life.
     2. The legal practitioner who expects to rise to eminence, must acquire some acquaintance with physiology. This subject is intimately connected with gestation, birth, life and death. Vide 2 Chit. Pr. 42, n.

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The recognized global leader in physiologic monitoring, DSI offers telemetry, pulmonary solutions, software and services that help advance science.
When physiologic estrogens and xenoestrogens were combined, the response pattern generally shifted to a single major peak at an intermediate time.
Encourage all aircrew to promptly report any suspected physiologic events.
An appreciation for the importance of human experiences and of how a person's understanding affects the process of disease and recovery requires that the healthcare provider expand his or her inquiry and include more than measurable physiologic parameters and other indicators of specific and predetermined outcomes.
Prediction of the physiologic significance of coronary arterial lesions by quantitative lesion geometry in patients with limited coronary artery disease.
The study participants--54 females and 30 males (45 whites and 39 African Americans)--were evaluated for physiologic characteristics and salivary cortisol levels.
The study participants--54 females and 30 males (45 whites and 39 African Americans)--were evaluated for baseline physiologic characteristics and salivary cortisol levels.
Studies suggest that physiologic tests are more accurate than medical history and physical examination alone, but they only alter the treatment as planned on the basis of history and physical exam in 10%-20% of cases.
This "sports anemia" is a common physiologic response to exercise.
Using data from the LifeShirt System, researchers and clinicians gain a clear view of how various physiologic systems interact, giving them a more thorough understanding of patients' health.
This provocative article explores the concepts of the heart waves and heart rate variability as indicators of health and disease and proposes a route to increase the fractal complexity and hence health, of human physiologic systems.
In one third of critically ill intrahospital transports, technical mishaps (eg, IV disconnects, which could potentially lead to deleterious physiologic outcomes) may occur.