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This article summarizes the detection, confirmation, and fine mapping of several QTLs that have large effects on ethanol withdrawal in mice using a variety of approaches, including robust behavioral models of physiological dependence and associated withdrawal following acute and chronic ethanol exposure, positional cloning, sequence and expression analyses, and novel genetic animal models.
Performed in a hospital intensive care unit, the Waismann Method involves the administration of medications to reverse the physiological dependence on opiates while the symptoms of withdrawal are addressed.
Alcohol dependence can be broadly divided into physiological dependence and psychological dependence.
Then the writer can choose between saying that Winn fails to mention physiological dependence and saying that Winn leaves this matter too vague (for Winn does talk about dependency, though without distinguishing between physiological dependence and what we some will call 'psychological dependence,' whatever that phrase might mean).

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