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PHYSIOLOGY, med. jur. The science which treats of the functions of animals; it is the science of life.
     2. The legal practitioner who expects to rise to eminence, must acquire some acquaintance with physiology. This subject is intimately connected with gestation, birth, life and death. Vide 2 Chit. Pr. 42, n.

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TOP consultants and physiologists from a North East hospital have delivered a mini-series of lectures for students at Newcastle School for Boys.
She joined UHCW as a trainee respiratory physiologist in 2010.
The large collective working on the project, called the Ager Melo Group, consists of allergists, molecular biologists and plant physiologists working to breed new types of apples that would promote good nutrition and health, ABC News reported.
One of the most important secrets and weapons at the disposal of the exercise physiologist is the knowledge to accelerate the recovery process of players in between matches.
These molecular changes probably make possible the dramatic behavioral changes seen during hibernation, such as long-term fasting, says physiologist Gregory Florant of Colorado State University in Fort Collins.
The work of a respiratory physiologist must be reliable and accurate as patients' lives often depend on their skills.
Gordon, a research physiologist at the National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory (NHEERL) of the Environmental Protection Agency.
Do Howard Hodgkin's new paintings reprise what physiologist Max Verworn in 1908 called "ideoplastic style"--pure painterly expression or representation of interiority--or do they extend and develop the aesthetic perception at the core of this style?
Andy visits the fitness center at least 3 days a week and religiously performs the exercises recommended by the exercise physiologist.
David Schafer is a recently retired physiologist who now devotes most of his time to humanist writing and lecturing.
As a clinical exercise physiologist at the Kosciusko Community Hospital in Warsaw, Indiana, she uses physical activity to treat people with illnesses.
If you don't have access to an exercise physiologist and a laboratory that will actually measure your Lactate Threshold to determine the correct training pace, you can arrive at the near equivalent by simply using the pace you could race at for nearly an hour.